Private Retirement Schemes (PPA Malaysia)

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Private Pension Administrator Malaysia (PPA) - Private Retirement Schemes (PRS)



Uses digital channels to reach out to targeted audience

  • Website Promotion (Monthly Traffic Generation)
  • Website Solutions (Landing Pages Creation) for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Advertising (Google Adwords)
  • Sign-up Leads Generation (Online Registration)
  • Conversion Tracking (MailChimp Online Form Integration & Email Marketing Automation)
  • Design Conceptualization & Creation Works (Ad Banners/ Event Flyers/ Poster/ Instagram Banners/ Website Banners/ Newspaper Ads/ Newsletter banner/ Short Motion Video Production)


PRS funds achieved a significant milestone in 2015 with Total Net Asset Value (NAV) reaching RM1.172 billion.

The total number of PPA (Private Pension Administrator) members signed-up stood at 180,651 persons – a significant 40% increase from December 2014.



The Private Retirement Schemes (PRS) has hit a quarter of a million members, 250,000 members- a record milestone for the voluntary retirement savings scheme.


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