Influencer Marketing

Because influencers have established strong connections with their followers, having influencers to represent your brand on will deepen their trust in your brand, products and services.

Influencer marketing involves a brand collaborating with online influencer (also known as Key Opinion Leader) to market the brand's products or services.

In recent years, influencer marketing is becoming more popular because it is cost-effective, authentic, higher engagement rate, and potentially higher conversion rate.

These influencers have a group of loyal followers. Influencers are genuine, trustworthy and tend to be experts in a niche such as a youtuber, blogger, vlogger, photographer, fashion stylish, sport lover, designer, entertainer, models, and celebrity.

When brands want to promote their products or services, influencer can send the message to their followers (your target audience) more effectively and a higher chance to convince their followers to try its product or service. Therefore, it leads to people-based marketing.

Live Streaming

Real time interactions enable influencers to respond to followers' comments instantly through the screen. It is proven to gain huge success in terms of brand exposure and sales conversion due to the instantaneity of live streaming.

Sponsored Content

Drive traffic to your website with influencers sharing your existing content on their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and blog. Works for images, videos and affiliate links.

Content Creation

Influencers will create the content and promote your brand, product or service. Just send the product (if any) you wish to be reviewed and influencers will go through the products thoroughly to deliver accurate information to their followers.

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