Why Social Media Engagement through Facebook ?

Most Visited Social Media Platform in Malaysia:

Facebook stand out from others.
Population in Malaysia 29,911,421
Facebook Users 15,601,960
Rank in Global User 17
Population Penetration 52.16%
Online Population 83.62%

What do “Likes” means for? 

More than 500 million “Likes” happened per day in Facebook.
Fans Likes = Potential sales leads conversion
User Acquisition = Establish long term follower base
Global Reach = Maximize brand exposure to world
Customer Talk = Users loves to listen to reviews rating.

Application to Boost Engagement

You need to spend time to generate interesting content such as activities that users are motivated to interact with fanspage. Using Facebook application, you can create all the content that your Facebook fans want, such as:

  • Promotion offers that are exclusively for your fans base.
  • Announcementsfor product updates, news & events etc.
  • To collect email where user become our loyal followers to receive newsletters.
Valuable Data Generation

We can collect database from the user fans base, as well as to gather useful demographic information so that we know the way to get in touch with them in the future to let them know about the offers or other news or story that of their interests.

How to Engage through Facebook?

Step 1: Build your Facebook Fanspage

Everything on Facebook starts with your Page. Create a Page. It’s a simple, free way to communicate with customers.

Step 2: Connect with people

Get people to like your Page. Create several ads and target based on location, demographics and interests.

Step 3: Engage your audience

Post quality updates and promote your posts with ads to engage your customers and their friends. Start now.

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