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Digital Marketing Strategy that Matters

How to Use Digital Marketing to Transform Your Business

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Embracing the Digital Transformation

Performance Driven Marketing Solutions

Online Advertising Plan

You may heard of Google AdWords & experienced it…but the digital campaign results didn’t turn up to your expectation. Wondering how the online ads placement (local paid search/ display network banner ads/ Youtube video ads) work best to reach the target customers & get exposure for your business or to increase conversion?

Influencer Marketing Reimagined

Social Media channels now play an important role of a successful complete digital marketing cycle. Facebook, Instagram and etc are the common place to share almost everything – food, personal moments, plan or insights. How could it works best for your brands?

Digital Marketing Consultation

You’ve got big plans on your business development, whether to sell your products or any services you offered. We shall assist to map out a digital marketing strategy to make them real and achievable. Book for a Free discussion today and we shall set up result-oriented services packages for the campaign you need.

Sales Lead Generation

We provide effective landing page or microsite with web copy that sells. We focus on helping our clients maximize their business revenue & profits return, maintain online presence by increasing website organic search visibility to capture those genuine prospect leads!

Automated Content Marketing

We will harness the power of personalized email marketing to support and improve your campaign effectiveness. With sales automation and content marketing that could help to streamline your digital sales funnel, speak to your customers and resonate buyer experiences with your brand.

Digital Customer Experience

We are experienced web consulting agency not only providing mobile friendly web design solutions, but also producing cost-effective online marketing activities with proven track records in increasing sales revenue or brand exposure for our clients. Are you interested to be one?

Getting Your Business Go Digital Today | Develop Effective Cost Saving Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Business

Are you a business owner or a management executive that had run several marketing campaigns before but the results didn’t meet expectations? Thinking of your brands could be improved on getting more market exposure or to increase sales revenue? There’s one great way to find out how we do to get optimum results as appreciated by most of our clients.

Your Website Deserved Achieved More

We have experiences to turn those standard web pages into an online sales leads generation machine equivalent of a sales & marketing personnel that work for your business – on the basis of 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days a year – yes, the only one that make cold-callings, promoting your brands and selling overnights, giving more than satisfying results to you!

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Digital Marketing Strategy that Matters

Your Website Could Sell More

Your products are awesome and your services are great. But your sales figures aren’t. What now?Now you are here…We could help to expand the market reach, gain more exposure, getting sales leads and turning them into customer. With a customized digital marketing strategy, you could be start earning from your product sales or your services within a short period of time.Here’s a snapshot of digital marketing services that you may know.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Effective online advertisement placement and campaign sales page increase conversion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increase website organic search visibility to genuine prospect leads.

Social Media Marketing

Engaging with social users and managing online reputation influences professional branding of the company.

Email Marketing

Email broadcasting helps interact with our audience while promoting our brand and increasing sales.

Proven Track Records

Your Success is Our Success

Check out our selected client performance sharing after we’ve revamped for their digital marketing.

Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) funds achieved a significant milestone in 2015 with Total Net Asset Value (NAV) reaching RM1.172 billion, whereas the total number of PPA (Private Pension Administrator) members stood at 180,651 persons – a 40 per cent increase from December 2014.

* News source from The Star dated 10 Mar 2016

Client's Testimonial

Hear What Our Lovely Customer Says

“Thank you for your hard work and determination. Our website has gained a significantly strong online presence compare to last time performance. It’s been awesome years and we look forward further planning.”

“What a good response from the website SEO! Now our firm able to receive online sales leads from time to time. It’s one of the best ways to showcase our services.”

“We were facing a number of challenges especially the operating expenses against our profit thus every month we were fire fighting. Since working with Rainmaker, we have put some of our marketing efforts into digital marketing in place. It helped us so much and has contributed significantly to the growth of our business turnover.

I’m looking forward to working with Rainmaker over the coming years as our aim to continue to achieve our growth targets and business expansion.”

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Free Website Campaign Review

You’ve made it this far. You’re wondering if we could help. But you’re not ready to commit. Because…what if it isn’t your website that need to work? What if it’s actually some other elements that we could find out in the discussion since we may offer you some input as third party views?

Review and evaluate our digital marketing campaign strategy is crucial for business growth. So we’d recommend starting here. Tell us your website or campaign sales page (landing page if any). We shall arrange a meeting with your team to have a discussion analyzing what’s working well and what’s putting a dent in your return of investment.

We know we won’t be able to advise everyone to work with us – it requires real human time and attention. We only want to take on clients who appreciate us. We’d love for you to get in on it now – your information is a helpful decision-making tool for both of us.

Rainmaker The Difference Maker

The Metric that Matters Most is Sales

The term “Rainmaker” by analogy is referring to a person who brings clients, business or respect to an organization based solely on his or her association – whereby rain is a metaphor for money.

In the purest business sense, a rainmaker is a difference maker: a salesperson that always finishes first in sales to the engineer who consistently finds innovative ways to present a company’s products or services- generating substantial new income or more revenue from sources sometimes outside established business channels, sometimes by connecting with people in non-traditional or hidden markets, and sometimes by prompting current clients to spend more money.

Our Philosophy is simple. We are keen to share knowledge with you – on the complete cycle of digital marketing tricks and the optimization toolkit sets that ready to apply to your business revenue growth.

We believes in and dedicates ourselves to achieve 99.9% customer satisfaction through flexible strategies, well-planned tactics, effective tools and most important, it’s interactive communication between the people.

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