• April 13, 2021
  • SEO

My website is developed in flash, does this matter?

Yes, it did matters. Search engines can’t read flash sites, as most of the time they don’t have
separate URLs and text contents. This can easily be changed into simple HTML to allow easier reading
by search engines. Flash site is urged to revamp ASAP as current mobile browsing do not allow access.

When can we see the results that the website ranked in first page?

It really depends on many factors such as domain age, competition level, current standings, activity efforts, site architecture, etc… In general, a brand-new website may need about at least 1 – 3 months’ time to get ranking on Google.

Do I need SEO forever?

It depends on the keywords. Some keywords can stay ranked for years after completing your SEO campaign, while competitive keywords will likely only stay ranked for a few months. What we typically do if the client wants to tone down their SEO campaign is to put you on a month or yearly maintenance package where we monitor your rankings and engage in a smaller amount of SEO work just to maintain your current rankings.

How to find the best keywords for my website?

First, you need to describe your business and target market, and few suggested keywords. Then, do keywords research using keywords tools. From this, you will get hundreds of related search queries along with detailed information about how many people are searching for them and how many other websites are competing with you for the traffic. Summarize the results to a few valuable key phrases tailored to your goals before proceeding to do on-page optimization.

What is “White Hat SEO” and “Black Hat SEO” ?

White Hat SEO” is good SEO technique that is being done using the safe best recommended practices by the search engines (Google in particularly).

Black Hat SEO” techniques are specifically blacklisted by the search engines. If Google finds out you’re using black hat SEO, they’ll punish you by removing your site from their ranking.

Do I need to do directory or search engine submissions?

Website submissions to directories and search engines (especially Google, Yahoo!,
Bing, DMOZ, etc…) are done manually. It is important to submit your websites
manually to avoid any penalties for over-submissions by using some of auto-submission software.
However, this would take time to do so thus do not expect this would be done quickly.

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